The Disappearances by Gemma Malley


Title:  The Disappearances
Author:  Gemma Malley
Published:  Month Day, Year
Series:  The Killables #2
Genre:  Dystopian
Format:  Kindle
Source:  Purchased

It’s been a year since Evie and Raffy escaped the controlling regime of the City, leaving Lucas behind to rebuild the ruins of the place they once called home. And Lucas knew that once he said goodbye, Evie would be lost to him forever…
But the City soon finds itself plagued by another terrifying threat: the Disappearances: teenagers who have gone missing from within the City walls, apparently vanishing into thin air. With the City at stake, Lucas has no choice but to call on his old friends – even if seeing them together is more than he can bear.

It’s been about a year since the end of The Killables when Evie, Raffy, Lucas, Linus, and the crew all dismantled the System that tracked the City’s citizens, but trouble is still brewing. Evie and Raffy have found a settlement that seems like it could become home, but their relationship is strained because of Raffy’s controlling jealousy. Linus, living like a hermit in a cave hidden away from the City, is looking into some strange events on the coast. Lucas is poised as the leader of the City, but when young people start disappearing from the City, citizens begin to fear that dismantling the System may have been the worst thing to do.

I loved watching these characters and their relationships continue to develop. Raffy was so easy for me to hate in this book. He comes across as so overbearing and controlling in his relationship with Evie that I was pretty much #TEAMLUCAS the whole way. Lucas was much easier to root for, and it was great to finally get his POV and understand his reasons for seeming so cold in The Killables. Evie’s struggle against Raffy’s controlling nature, along with her confusion over her feelings for both brothers was also really interesting to watch as it unfolded.

Thomas was an interesting character for me. He was unusual because I didn’t really get a clear picture of just why he’s such a sociopath other than the fact that he’s a total megalomaniac (he must have eaten evil flakes), but the way Malley wove this tale of his completely wacked path to power just kept me hooked. Maybe it’s the mystery behind why he’s such a nut job, but I can’t hate him as a villain, so props to Malley for making me take a villain that I don’t understand and making me love to hate him. Devil also turned out to be a really interesting character, and the parts of the book written in his POV provided some really interesting history and context.

Truly a solid follow-up to The Killables. I haven’t heard anything about a third book yet, but I really hope there’s going to be another installment in this series. It definitely feels unfinished as it is, and there’s definitely some loose ends that hint at another book. Great read, great author. Truly a phenomenal dystopian novel. I give The Disappearances five out of five stars.

5 Star Review

Can I just add how much I love Gemma Malley? I had never heard of her a couple of years ago, and now she’s easily become one of my favorite authors. I wondered how she could possibly follow up The Killables; it was phenomenal, and sequels don’t often measure up to the first book. However, between the two, I think The Disappearances is my favorite.


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