Guest Review of The Good, the Bad, and the Undead by Kim Harrison


Title: The Good, the Bad, and the Undead
Author: Kim Harrison
Published: January 25, 2005 (1st edition Mass Market Paperback), October 13, 2009 (ebook)
Series:  The Hollows #2
Genre:  Adult Urban Fantasy
Format: Ebook
Source:  Purchased

It’s a tough life for witch Rachel Morgan, sexy, independent bounty hunter, prowling the darkest shadows of downtown Cincinnati for criminal creatures of the night.

She can handle the leather-clad vamps and even tangle with a cunning demon or two. But a serial killer who feeds on the experts in the most dangerous kind of black magic is definitely pressing the limits.

Confronting an ancient, implacable evil is more than just child’s play—and this time, Rachel will be lucky to escape with her very soul.

The Good, the Bad, and the Undead picks up shortly after the events of Dead Witch Walking (read my last guest review here), and we see Rachel on a run for a werewolf baseball team. She successfully recovers their stolen mascot—or so she thinks. We see Rachel getting work and making it on her own, but we also find out that the jobs are few and far between and funds are low. Gears shift suddenly when the captain of the human police force calls her in as a consultant. It’s a job she can’t turn down for financial and personal reasons.

Rachel seems to be in a very similar situation she was in as the first book. She’s still working to figure out how to make her way in the world now that she’s not an I.S. runner. She still lives in the church with Ivy and Jenks. Ivy is still struggling to stay on the wagon, and Jenks is still as snarky and awesome as he was in the first book. Trent is also still around drawing Rachel’s ire and quest for revenge. The dynamic between Trent and Rachel is really fun to read. New in this book: Rachel is now dating Nick, and Big Al plays a larger role in the story line here as well.

When ley link witches start going missing and turning up dead Rachel starts working with the FIB (the human police service) to find the one responsible. Since Rachel doesn’t have a great working relationship with the I.S., she’s more than happy to take advantage of the fact that Trent’s personal assistant, Sarah is asking for help from the FIB to find her missing boyfriend.  Rachel quickly discovers that all the victims have something in common, Trent. Convinced he’s guilty, Rachel launches a full-on assault to prove it and put him away from a long, long time. Meanwhile, Ivy is having a hard time staying a non practicing living vampire and she’s getting a lot of pressure to keep Rachel under control. Rachel balks at the idea of being Ivy’s scion, she won’t be owned or controlled by anyone.  Nick is secretly dealing with the demon Al with consequences to his soul.

There was a lot going on in this book but for everything happening I felt like the beginning of this book was a little slow but once the story really got going it didn’t stop. There were a few really great twists in the story that kept me on my toes and the ending was not something I was expecting at all.

If you enjoyed the first book, you will enjoy continuing the series. This series built off the foundation set in the first book and created a set of building blocks to continue the story. Though her situation hasn’t changed all that much Rachel seems to be growing and starting to figure out how to survive in her new world. Her relationship with Ivy is a little irritating to me; there seems to be a lot of drama involved that isn’t worth the place to stay. I’m sure this is building up to something, but in the meantime Ivy would have to be my least favorite character. She doesn’t seem to bring much positivity to the story.

After the slow start, I really couldn’t put the book down and I loved the way the rest of the story played out. This story is growing in complexity which only makes it more interesting. My ranking of The Good, the Bad, and the Undead: four out of five stars!

4 Stars

Jess KJessica is a married mother of two children and a yellow lab. She spends every spare moment she can reading any paranormal or historical romance or urban fantasy she can get her hands on. In real life she tests weather apps for mobile devices and daydreams of being a writer herself one day.


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