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Christine DeLongHi there! I’m Christine, and this is Eat Books For Breakfast, a literature review site. My genres of choice are dystopian, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary fiction.

I’ve been a passionate reader my entire life. This blog stemmed from my hobby of reviewing books on Goodreads.

The Story:

I’m 28 years old, I live in New Hampshire with my husband, Nick and our two cats, Lily and Skippy. By day (well, actually by night), I handle social media for my local news station.

It’s cold in New Hampshire, so I drink lots of loose leaf tea and watch a lot of hockey. I play ball hockey. I also play the piano, trifle with photography, and I hike in the summer. But the most consistent hobby I have is that I read all.the.time.

I moved all around the country growing up. I was born in Wisconsin and eventually made my way to North Carolina, Washington, Texas, California, Massachusetts, and then finally New Hampshire to go to Southern New Hampshire University for college. Seriously, I’ve moved like 17 times.

Why “Eat Books For Breakfast”?

The name “Eat Books For Breakfast” is actually derived from two different places. Ever since I was small, I could be found reading a book. We’re talking books under the bed, books under the sink, books coming out of the closets in my room obsessed. My parents had to yell at me for reading books at the breakfast table. To this day, I read on my tablet while I’m blow-drying my hair in the morning—my husband may or may not think I’m a lunatic. So, I’ve pretty much been eating books for breakfast my entire life.

The other reason I chose “Eat Books For Breakfast”—and something you should probably know about me as a reviewer—is that one of my biggest pet peeves is a poorly developed villain. We’re talking the kind of guy who has no defining motivation or fall from glory that made him the bad guy. When I spot villains like this, I usually say that these characters woke up and ate evil flakes for breakfast, which is my sarcastic way of saying they’re a terrible character. In real life (at least in my opinion), nobody just wakes up one morning and decides to be evil. Even the world’s worst criminals—in their twisted minds—think they’re doing the right thing.


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