Review Policy


Do you have an upcoming Young Adult book? I would love to feature a review on my blog, but please take note of my review policy below:

Review Format/Features

All of my reviews will feature a brief synopsis of the novel, my opinion of the author’s writing, and a short review of positive takeaways, negative takeaways, etc. Disclaimer: All reviews I write are reflections of my own personal opinions. Those opinions may be positive, negative, or somewhere in between. If you do not want to receive a 100% honest review, please do not request that I review your book on this site. While I respect the time, effort, and soul that an author has poured into their work, I will not in good conscience write a biased review due to an author’s request.

Accepted Formats for Review:  

  1. E-books (must be compatible with Amazon Kindle)
  2. Print (ARCs or finished copies)

*Please note that I do not currently accept audiobooks for review.*

Sub-Genres I Accept:

I will currently accept review copies of YA books, but please make note of the sub-genres I am willing to read and review.

  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Mysteries/Thrillers
  • Contemporary Fiction

Rating Scale:

My rating scale is based on a 5 star standard, explained in further detail below: 5 Stars  5 Stars:  Fantastic! This book has earned its rightful place on my shelf of favorites. (I’ll be honest, this rating is hard to achieve). Highest recommendation.
4 Stars  4 Stars:  Great book, very enjoyable read, but perhaps a stone’s throw away from perfection. Highly recommended.
3 Stars  3 Stars:  Liked the book, but there were also some pretty major issues. Definitely at least worth reading the first time, and I will likely continue future books in a series.
2 Stars  2 Stars:  Only okay. Good premise, perhaps a few enjoyable moments, but probably didn’t hold my attention for most of the story. Wouldn’t recommend to most readers.
1 Star  1 Star:  This is where it gets ugly. One star ratings typically are the result of the following:  poor plot execution, unrelatable main characters, underdeveloped bad guys, and poor copy editing. Typically when I give this rating, it’s because it was extremely difficult for me to finish the book due to lack of interest.


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