Zoo by Tara Elizabeth


Title:  Zoo
Author:  Tara Elizabeth
Published:  May 20, 2013
Series:  The Enclosure Chronicles #1
Genre:  Dystopian
Format:  Kindle
Source:  Purchased

A chronicle of my time living in a zoo . . . I’m not really sure where to start, and you may have trouble believing me even as I tell you my story. My family did. They laughed the first time I told them, so now I just say it was all a crazy dream. You see, I died in a totally preventable car accident . . . or so I thought. When I opened my eyes, I was shocked to discover that I had been resurrected into the year 2282 and, just as unbelievably, was locked up in a zoo! A HUMAN ZOO! Oh wait, I mean the People’s Past Anthropological Center. Continue reading